Live Roulette Online

Live roulette is a thrilling combination of live streaming technology and pure luck that transfers every gambler to a virtual casino room where gamblers from all over the world can connect. Live casino games are unquestionably the most popular trend in online gambling today, with live roulette being one of the more intriguing instances. It’s no surprise: any online and offline casino conjures up images of a roulette wheel with the dealer dropping the ball and receiving bets. Fortunately, you can now play various games from the greatest roulette casinos with genuine dealers without ever having to leave your home.


If you’ve ever played standard online roulette, you won’t have any trouble learning to play live casino roulette because the rules are nearly identical, except for a real dealer. In the beginning, even if it’s your first time playing live roulette, you won’t need to spend hours learning the rules because they are straightforward – the sole goal is to guess where the ball will land. So, how do you play live roulette with a live dealer?

  • Everything is live online roulette revolves around the wheel, which has black and red slots and numbers written on it; first, bets are placed. Different types of bets may be available depending on the game. You can generally wager on a single number, a single color (red or black), or a series of numbers (for example, 1 to 18 or 19 to 36).
  • When the ball stops spinning, the winning bets are determined, the winners pay the money, and the procedure is repeated.

Types of Live Roulette

Even while the live roulette online regulations are very same across the board, there are minor variations based on the online casino and the sort of live roulette you are playing. Here are the several types of online roulette you’ll discover in each of the casinos on our list.

Live Roulette in the United States

While European roulette is considered the classic version of the game, the wheel design of American online live roulette differs slightly. It has the double zero pocket in addition to the usual set, giving you extra alternatives while playing live roulette of this type. This significantly boosts the house’s edge. Furthermore, the numbers surrounding the American live roulette wheel are in a logical order.

Live Roulette in Europe

The on-the-spot European roulette is the original and, by far, the most popular game variant. It has a single zero pocket, no double zero, and the digits are arranged in completely random order around the wheel. There are also significant peculiarities in how roulette is played, such as the “en jail” rule, which allows the player to save a lost stake when the ball lands on the 0 pockets. The European online roulette is considered the best live roulette by both novices and expert high stakes players due to the smaller house edge.

Live Roulette with a High Limit

When it comes to high rollers, there is a certain type of high stakes live roulette that may meet the needs of even the most discerning players. Will you have the guts to risk $50000 on a single spin in the greatest live roulette online gambling game? If you do, try your luck at live roulette with high stakes to increase your chances of winning big.

Terminology for Live Roulette

Any game in the world has its vocabulary, and real dealer online roulette is no exception. You’ll need to know a few words from the shortlist below to feel at ease with any online game, whether it’s European roulette or American roulette. If you learn them, you’ll be able to grasp real-time online roulette even faster.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Live Roulette

Because you can’t control how the ball spins around the wheel or where it stops, live dealer roulette is a game of chance. However, unlike simpler online casino games like slots, some tips and methods can help you win at live dealer roulette.

  • Always play in the most reputable online casino Canada has to offer. There is nothing more frustrating for a player than losing money when playing against a fraudulent online casino; use the Martingale method, or doubling up, in other words. Make a red/black (or odd/even) bet, and if you lose, double your money while continuing to bet on the same color.
  • Thus, you’ll cover your losses while still having a chance to win; If you’re a high roller, stick to outer bets rather than inside bets if you want to risk big and win big;
  • Although American online roulette is fun, if you plan on placing larger bets, go with the European version because it has a lower house edge, giving you more opportunities to win.

Advantages of Live Roulette

Playing live roulette in a virtual casino is a completely different experience than playing the same game in a physical casino. It has drawbacks, but the advantages of live dealer roulette much outweigh them.

  1. Here, you can interact with a live roulette dealer who can explain the rules, assist you with unfamiliar words, or crack a few jokes to make your online gambling experience even more enjoyable and relaxing;
  2. You can feel as though you’re in a real full-fledged casino while playing online roulette in a live dealer casino without having to travel anywhere;
  3. You can always be sure that the game is fair, especially if you play at one of our recommended online casinos. You can ensure that there are no traps and hazards by watching the dealer spin the wheel.